CMP Initiative



The day started with the lightening of lamp by Mr R.K. Behera, the venue Principal, Mr R.C. Pandey, principal of KV Santragachi and HMs of this cluster.

To make this meeting colourful a group song (I have a dream) was presented by students of primary section of our school, followed by Sarawativandanawhich was the main attraction of the cultural program.

Mr. R.K Behera, the venue Principal addressed the participants of the programme. He focused on the following points:

CMP Meetings are excellent platform that provide ample opportunities for exchange of ideas amongst the learned and experienced teachers. These meetings replenish us to have a relook to our adopted strategies in day to day transactions. 

These meetings incite us to think-rethink &design - redesign our targeted actions.

It requires discussion from us based on earlier faults / lacuna observed. 

We must change according to the social order which is ever changing. Hence, our actions must change. As teachers we all must promote values and magnanimity, unceasingly enrich position ourselves to return our privies to the society. 

It’s the confluence of attitude & minds that alone matters in fostering academic. 

Ethos & values can’t be changed. They are eternal, need to understand and practise.If everyone wants to win, then who will lose. We should lead our learners towards winning situation always. As teachers, we should always be mindful of our contributions / outcomes / output. Every teacher should know how to measure these outcomes and how they are going to use this. He also stressed on Developing Proper Support System for effective functioning of CMP.

After his motivational words, Mr R.C. Pandey, principal of KV Santragachi shared his views on primary education, stating that we all should keep pace with the changing circumstances on and be able to adjust ourselves accordingly.

He stressed the need to implement Back to Basics in true spirit, for he feels there still exist few lacunae in conceptual understanding.

 He focused on ‘BALA’ & ‘Spiral Teaching’, Once in a term “Health Check up’ of Primary Children, stressing upon diverse dimensions of Primary Education, and advised not to have stop-gap-arrangements like attitude and actions. He also said that we should create ‘Special Focus Groups’ to address various issues of Primary Education. 

Mr. V.K. Mathpal, principal of KV Command told us that as primary teachers, we must maintain records & document also strive for our classes to be interactive, induce enjoyment in learning, be able to provide Opportunity Time to learners and that club activities should be an integral part of Anandwar Timetable. 

Probable date for Regional Level ‘SLATE’ is 27th July, 2018, which will be conducted for present batch of Classes III, V & VIII, for all the four subjects - English, Hindi, Maths and EVS, consisting of 30 objective type questions in each subject.For all other classes of Primary Section, Vidyalaya level ‘SLATE” is to be administered. 

Observation from outside is always will the there, asking concept based questions and not spoiling the system, and integrating Learning Enhancement cards effectively into Lesson Plan diaries. Activities conducted for subject enrichment in Languages should invariably aim at equipping the learner to develop effective speaking and listening skills. Uniformity is expected in Kolkata Cluster-1 as there should be a proportionate increase in the marks for Periodic Tests. 

 All the participants from various schools introduced themselves, followed by a tea break after which I/C HM Mrs. Sunita Grover of KV Ballygunge presented on the topic “Model question paper and blue print of EVS”. Then, Mr. A.K. Srivastava, HM of KV Bamangachi explained how to conduct vidyalaya level workshop. 

 The next presentation was on publication of News letter, Vidyalaya patrika given by  HM Mr. Sudhirkumar, of KV Command hospital. 

 Mrs. P Hazarika, HM, KV Fort William and Mr. S.K. Saha I/C HM, KV Garden Reach, presented on Model question paper and blue print of English and Maths for classes III, IV, V respectively.

 This was followed by a lunch break for 45 minutes.

 Mrs. M. Mukhopadhyay HM, KV IIM Joka discussed about learning outcome cards and learning outcome matrix. Mrs. SudhaNath, I/C HM, KV Santragachi highlighted the Model question paper and blue print of Hindi for classes III, IV, V.

 As per schedule, PRTs presented  the topics assigned to them. A very innovative and interesting presentation was given by Mrs. LopamudraBasuChaudhuri, PRT KV Garden Reach. All the activities suggested by Mrs. NilamJha, PRT KV IIM Joka in her presentation on Funday activities for Class II and by Mrs. SandhyaKumari, PRT, KV Santragachi (for class III) were engaging and innovative.

 Next, Model lesson plans on EVS for class V was presented by Mrs.SubhaDasgupta, PRT KV Ballygunge, Mr. SubhojitGuha, PRT KV Bamangachi presented on Maths for class IV, Mr. Abhishek, PRT KV Command Hospital on Hindi for class III and Mrs B.R. Kar, PRT KV Fort William on English for Class II.

 A feedback and open discussion session was held where the HMs and participants gave suggestions, discussing their queries and doubts with each other.

 Lastly, a vote of thanks was given by Mrs. M. Majumdar, PRT KV Garden Reach and the 2nd CMP meet 2018-19 came to an end with some key points -

  •  5 subject enrichment activities per term per subject.
  •   1 LAT every month per subject (LAT cum worksheet).
  •     Blue print/design of the question paper (proportionate in competencies).
  •    Funday Time table:
  • Ø                   Club activities to be introduced.
  • Ø                   Sharing Funday time table with all the schools of the cluster.
  •         Integrate Learning Enhancement Cards in classroom teaching. 


Mr. R. K. Behera




















Kendriya Vidyalaya Garden Reach,Kol-43

Primary Section


CMP-Month of April-May


1.                            6 weeks readiness programme has started for class-I(A,B,C).

2.                            New Session (2016-17) commenced from 1st April.

3.                            Time Table –Class wise, teacher wise has been distributed to all teachers.

4.                            House distribution has been completed and House Masters, Associate House Masters were selected through voting. Children got their houses.

5.                            CCA activities are going on as per schedule.

6.                            Annual day celebration-on 22April 2016.

7.                            Meeting conducted on Saturdays –PPT shown.

8.                            Discussion on FA-2 activities format given.

9.                             E-classrooms are ready. 


Kendriya Vidyalaya Garden Reach,Kol-43

Primary Section


CMP-Month of April-May


1.                            6 weeks readiness programme has started for class-I(A,B,C).

2.                            New Session (2015-16) commenced from 1st April.

3.                            Time Table –Class wise, teacher wise has been distributed to all teachers.

4.                            House distribution has been completed and House Masters, Associate House Masters were selected through voting. Children got their houses.

5.                            CCA activities are going on as per schedule.

6.                            Annual day celebration-on 7th May 2015.

7.                            Meeting conducted on Saturdays –PPtT shown.

8.                            Discussion on FA-2 activities format given.

9.                            Two permanent teachers have joined.


10.                      E-classrooms are ready.

CMP Initiative
1.   Activity based teaching is going on.
2.   Students are doing their activities on worksheets and they maintain student’s folder.
3.   Classroom Library is going on well.
4.   Remedial classes for under achievers are taken by the respective subject teachers.
5.   Films were shown to the students twice in the month.
6.   Community Lunch was organized class wise by the respective class teachers.
7.   The students of class V were taken to BITM [ Birla Industrial & Technological Museum] Gurusaday Dutta Road, Kolkata.
8.   Various competitions of Sports were organized for the Primary section at Vidyalaya level and winners were given away the prizes on the Annual Sports Day, held on 09.09.2010.
CMP INITIATIVES [ CLASS I TO V] OF THE VIDYALAYA [ updated as on 31st July, 2010.
01.              Class observation by Head Master
02.              Activity based teaching by all the subject teachers
03.               Activities done by the students on worksheets
04.              Classroom Library : Distribution of books by all the class teachers
05.              Students folders for keeping activity sheets of the students
06.              Remedial steps for slow learners during remedial periods by all the subject teachers and follow u action is taken
07.              Films shown to the students of classes I to V twice in a month
08.              Subject teachers using CAL/TAL in course of their teaching
09.              Community Lunch organized at class level once in a month for all the students of primary section
10.              Parents teachers meeting are organized
11.              Primary Resource room is will equipped with coloured T.V., Computer. LCD, overhead projector, white board, Sketch pens, markers, educational CDs, Films, Chart paper, transparency sheets, photo copier, CD players, charts and models etc.
12.              Programme sentence of the day for all the classes of Primary Section.
13.              Children Park has been developed for the children of Primary section.
14.              Checking of Assignment Note books [ of all classes and all subjects] by Head Master
15.              CCA competitions are organized for the students of primary section [ House wise].
CMP INITIATIVES [ CLASS I TO V] OF THE VIDYALAYA [ updated as on 28th February 2010.
Learning objective envisaged [ initially
Name of teacher-in-charge
Worksheet [Activity Oriented]
I – V     All Subjects
Achieved the minimum learning outcome as per Split of Syllabus
Mrs. Anita Dutta Mazumdar
Classroom Library
I – V
Book review ofdifferent books other than text book
Mrs. Ranjana De
Computer Aided teaching
I – V All subject
The students would get insight of the topic concerned effective learning and development of imaginary skills.
Mrs. Mukti Tripathi
Community lunch
I – V
Feeling of Uniformity & togetherness
Mrs. Lopamudra Basu Chowdhury
Remedial classes
I –V All subjects
To focus on the improvement of slow learners and to achieve espected leasning outcome compentionery wise and subject wise
Miss Beena Kumari Sharma
Sentence of the day
I – V
To enable the students to speak fluently in English and comprehend easily
Mr. Partha Basu
Workshop for classes I & II [ for slow learness]
English, Hindi, Maths, EVS
To enable the learners toachieve the minimum level of lerning
Mrs. Mukti Tripathi, PRT Mrs. Ranjana De, PRT     Mrs. M. Majumdar, PRT Mrs. A.D. Mazumdar, PRT
Workshop for III, IV
Mr. Partha Basu, PRT    Mr. S.K. Saha, PRT
III, IV,V English, Maths
To enable the student to develop competencywise in the concerned subjects
Mrs. Suman Saurabh, PRT Miss Neha Das, PRT
CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on  the last working day of the month).
Initiative ( Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)
Class and subject
Learning objective initially envisaged
Learning objective realised or not
Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation